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Mireille Van Overstraeten is an agricultural engineer, with a PhD in Soils and the environment, from the Université Agronomique de Gembloux (ULg Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech), 1989.

  • More than 25 years of operational experience, especially 12 in Africa and America
  • Intervention with international clients public and private
  • Projects in technical cooperation, research, development and promotion of products
  • Market studies and homologation

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Range of skills:

  • REACH Regulation, bringing companies into compliance with EU environemental legislations
  • Development of supply chains : Food, Sustainable construction (in particular  Hemp Lime Construction Products)
  • Projects Set-up : R&D, Green Chemistry, High-Tech Metals Recycling
  • Integrated fertilisation and precision agriculture
  • Homologation of eco-products in animal health

Assets :

  • More than 25 years experience
  • Flexibility
  • Lump-sum contract with performance guarantee
  • Efficiency, Pragmatism
  • Multilingual : French, English, Dutch, Spanish
  • International mobility

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Examples of achievements:

  • « Consortia Reach Manager », Phosphate Ester Flame Retardant Consortium (PEFRC) – Kellen Europe

Project: Manage Reach compliance. Organisation of the change from risk evaluation according to the Dangerous Substances Directive (DSD 67/548/CEE) and connected dispositions (D 67/548/EEC, D 1999/45/ECC, R (EEC) 793/93 & D 76/769/EEC) to the REACH system.

Completed tasks:
- Complete drafting of the service proposals and organisation of the Consortia agreements
- Hiring of REACH specialists
- Interactions with technical consultants
- Consortia management: finances, accounting, meetings (organization and minutes), action plan follow-up (road maps)
- Management of SIEF (Substance Information Exchange Forum): communication and interactions with importers
- Data management

  • Marketing development of the REACH service for Kellen Europe

Project: REACH compliance and Consortia creation for producers’ associations.

Completed tasks :
-    REACH Project Manager / Support  Manager
-    Management of the consortium (action plan follow-up, contacts with consultants, finance, archiving data)
-    Establishing the association and recruiting members

  • In charge of the  Environmental Committee of Eurobat, European Association of Producers of Batteries and Accumulators

Project: Regulatory supervision and communication for the producers. The energy storage battery technology systems are in direct relation to the chemical energy of their metallic reference element. The related substances are subject to the REACH Regulation and need to be registered.

Completed tasks:
-    Follow-up of technical and commercial implications of environmental legislations : Directive Batteries 2006/66/EC, Directive 2000/53/CE End of Life Vehicles, Water Framework Directive 2000/60/CE, Transport, etc
-    Organisation of consultations with Associations and Alliances
-    Contacts and negociations with UE Desk Officers
-    Drafting of « Position Papers » and « Statements » of industry (Capacity Labelling, Recycling, Exemptions, …)

  • Homologation of a disinfectant product virucidal (Avian flu virus H5N1) in United Kingdom

Project: Homologation of a disinfectant product virucidal (Avian flu virus H5N1) in United Kingdom

Completed tasks:
-    Market study and development: http://www.saniblanc.co.uk/
-    Realised legal test with DEFRA, Weybridge laboratory : http://vla.defra.gov.uk/
-    Organised support for websales and services

  • Commercial Strategic Development Kemira «LORIS®» – Precision and localised agriculture

Project: Development and commercialisation of the precision agriculture software Loris® – Technology using GPS remote control for crop treatment – Marketing & R&D Departments, Kemira Grow How (Annual Report 1998)

Completed tasks:
-    Organisation of the Corporate Management Committee
-    Software developement (with outsourced partners)
-    Product Training and Support
-    Negociation of the participation of investors
-    4 % improvement of the company fertilizer market share in Germany

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